Black Magic

Mrs. Bilbo, my first and best teacher, presided over grades one through five at Murphy Adventist School, a two-room A-frame that sat upon a hill, not far from a church whose members worshipped on the seventh day of the week, …

Blood at the Root

Blood at the Root

Blood at the Root, by Lee Meitzen Grue. Alamo Bay Press, 2015. $19, 290 pages.

The New Orleans writer Lee Meitzen Grue is no outsider doing research for a work of fiction, but a local resident whose material has been carefully …

Reasons Not to Join

I came back to my barracks room to find my bunkmate meditating in darkness to a cranked death metal album and when he looked up he smiled like Vincent D’Onofrio on the toilet in Full Metal Jacket.

There was …

from Erogenous Alphabet


Broad in both girth and humor and wanton as any
Babylonian, Miss Burlesque Duchess 2015 offers the spotlight a
Bedazzler’s plastic gems hammily winking along her crinoline.
Brows plucked into a Greek mask’s forced hilarity, she
brims over her …


My wife and I can’t agree on which shade of gray to paint the dining room. She blames my Baptist childhood.

“It makes communication difficult.”

My heart is in the wrong place, but my head bows in contrition.

She prefers …


While stationed in Spain, one of my friends had his car set on fire. They did it, I’m assuming, because he was American. They didn’t know he had a Confederate flag in his room. Come to think of it, he …