All the Guns


In appreciation of all the guns we shall

resurrect these watermelons from

the oblivion to which we have blown them.

In honor of all the guns we shall observe

a moment of silence.

In respect for all the guns, …


Once upon a time a great philosopher thought the city should be structured as is the soul: reason governing spirit governing appetite. I always imagined it like a pyramid of three parts, each section rotating at its own speed according …

Sing, Unburied, Sing

Sing, Unburied, Sing

Sing, Unburied, Sing, by Jesmyn Ward. Scribner, 2017. $26, 304 pages.

Award-winning novelist Jesmyn Ward has been called both “the heir to Faulkner” and “a failed poet.” The former comes from a glowing piece in Time magazine about Ward, and …


Hitchhiked west on old US40 when the unfinished Gateway Arch had just enough steel up to cheek-on-steel sight up its curve

That summer evening sauntered around St. Louis’s riverfront streets to the distinct smell of vanilla

Vanilla pompona barged upriver …


Like all good things this is chewed on. That’s her tongue in my cheek, curled up with my family and me. That’s her voice, those are her teeth biting my caution and wrists. She says we know what we’re doing, …


Low pranks make fine legends. We hear tell but do not witness
the coalminers pinning a work buddy down and sheering

half his beard and head, along with a single eyebrow.
Checkers, they call him. Or sailors who encircle

a …


D talked about South Africa like it was one of his brothers who’d been taught, since birth, to hate himself. Like Harold, his mother’s bastard son, or William, who had sex with the nanny as a child. He told their …

Open Points

The summer I spent working for the Kankakee Valley rural electrical cooperative, the Midwest saw temperatures in the 90′s arrive in early May and last well into September. Rain was scarce and I watched the corn and soybeans struggle in …