Sacred Geography: Dispatches from India

Sacred Geography: Dispatches from India

Ganges Dawn

Predawn, everyone’s awake, Kashi’s jumping.
Excluding the homeless thousands who are unawake.
I’m walking cautiously to the ghats in the semi-dark through littered streets, trying to distinguish trash from cardboard and newspaper humps of low-castes sleeping, groaning while …


The biggest explosion I’ve ever seen was a goat’s head when I used to work on a farm.

That doesn’t make sense.

Sorry, I need to relax into this piece and keep it nonfiction.

I once lit a bottle rocket …


Dedicated to Sigolène Vinson

I once did a class about violence and hyper-masculinity at Auburn University. I’d emailed the administration about what would happen if a school shooting happened. They never got back to me. About a month later there was …