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Welcome, Jess

Anna was driving us to Wisconsin, and I was in the passenger seat, fussing with the white seam on my—on Anna’s—navy blue swing dress. I’d started borrowing her dresses and skirts after her eyes lit up at me the first …

Red C

“I’m going to need to return a piranha,” Zeirna Brinck said to the man at Red C Exotics.

“Did I sell you a piranha?”


“Then it’s not a return.”

Zeirna studied the man. Receding hairline. Odd blue dot on …


Before they found Maribelle, Arlo and Sam were scavenging the remains of a farmhouse. Just piles of charred wet wood and muddy ash. The fire had burned so hot the steel springs from a mattress were melted into a tangle …


This is not your first time in St. Stanislaus’s Cathedral.

The January evening after shoplifting the pregnancy test for Miriam, you were grateful to duck in the side door under the frieze when the policja unexpectedly gave chase. Months later, the …


Translated by Adil Babikir

The force commissioned to deal with the matter is made of sixty-six soldiers, and an army of skilled and semi-skilled carpenters who were assembled by force from Nyala, Kaas, and Zalingei. It is more than enough …