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We’re living in a golden age of
memoir said no one I ever knew.
Knew biblically. I read the Bible

every morning. Except this morning.
Though I consider my dog’s eyes a bible,
the cursive heart, the lemon tree,

erotic …

Consider the Moon

When I was younger and he was alive, I didn’t
understand Jim Harrison. Now
that he’s dead, I sort of do. It makes me want
to build a blurb out of words from the tavern,
words that require music to …


Men’ll hollow you out
to call you empty,

shovel deep into your earth
yet ignore the heat that radiates

from your discontent so wide
its center cannot be touched.

Shovel deep into your earth
yet heave all substance aside.

Men’ll …

Praise for this Book

Self-knowledge is the subject of the poetry of __________. But it’s definitely TMI self-knowledge. It’s the type of stuff that makes a seasoned psychologist whither into fantasies of a tropical retirement while saying, “Tell me more.” I mean, it’s gross. …


Two years after she died, I found my grandmother living
in the walls of my body, sleeping by day, waking by night—

we’re so good at being good; it’s hard to tell how bad we are

at being women. When …