Beach Winter

His name is loose. A choir
of seagulls aims to understand it,
but of course, that’s not
going to happen. Especially not when
they can notice a television through
the window. One avoids
the word “comfy” if he can.
Immense …

Old Piano

It took everything to move it in.
Sideways, on a wheeled cart,
dead-now Steve holding the thing
steady while I carried it, pulled it in
     the corner myself.

My mother was proud—one
broken leg, out of tune.
No one knew …

What Adam Knew

Back in Texas, August, I’d lie on the lawn
topless. The neighbors didn’t know me
from Adam. Nor the landlord, nor the old man
stealing peaches, stuffing them into a brown paper bag
and sneaking off down the street like …

Plane to Plane

Which is worse, taking off or landing.
To a goose under the gun, the latter would
stun the full-bellied flutter of a grand-standing
angel into a heavy sack of flesh and blood.
Thud. So we traipse from plane to plane,…

Le Thérapeute

Can something be a portrait if it hasn’t got a face? The straw-hatted man of indeterminate age wears threadbare blue pants and a birdcage-ribcage, well-used black shoes on his resting feet. Loulou the Pomeranian was there when the master let

The Putting in Bins

All walls are an ecology whose space could feed
a century. We believe in this theory and that love
is for making children, an instant without hands
that requires the defeat of the tiniest brown dog
stalking the neighborhoods of …

The Riptide

Some years ago in San Diego a strong riptide took a group of us far from the shore, & my husband was part of that group—strangers the rest. Our increasing distance was innocent at first, but then it began to …