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Our first attempt

The first animal to orbit the earth
Was picked from the streets of Moscow
Where it strayed in harshest conditions imaginable.
Yet it is not hard to imagine the animal imprisoned
In a vehicle floating in the freest space we …


He wanted his scattered
on the Outer Banks, where
I wandered one summer
past him naked in bed
with a woman, the two of them
sunburnt except for cutouts
of swim trunks and bikini,
the curtains’ inebriated sway,
a barely …


Now that I am idle, idle conversation is prayer. I look for love in hiding: even the unspoken I fill with the wish for love like the grey cheese we smear on cracks. Someone needs to spackle my mind before …

Kitchen Scissors

They disassemble to their grand écart
orphan of their two blades and reunite to the rivet of their cross
washed they clip greens, make chevrons from folded basil leaves,
opening, closing to the course of your thumb and index
slit …


We’re living in a golden age of
memoir said no one I ever knew.
Knew biblically. I read the Bible

every morning. Except this morning.
Though I consider my dog’s eyes a bible,
the cursive heart, the lemon tree,

erotic …