The Push Pull

You are what’s new
under the sun.
You are not what you were yesterday.
You are not
even what you are
You are not even under the sun.



Jeff Schwaner lives in Staunton, Virginia with his wife


Because that’s how you break through, said Blake.

How you see desire for what it is.

His brown hair was matting nicely, his loincloth

getting the hang of him. He had some chants down pat

and nicely-emerging ribs. Om-most there, …

from Blueness

In Panama the ceiling fan stirs up a pandemonia of feeding, fleeing, breeding things Señor was sent there to ignore. Enlisted in the corps, Señor wore camouflage as a way to show the world the threat they were to him …

from The Oar

I have no word for the slaying of whales.

In your tongue,
it is grindadráp or simply

nothing, the way we gesture
at the body, so familiar, or simply

accepting of the way it is.
Because it can be difficult…

Wind Map (excerpts)

Dogs take turns shredding apart a sheet of light on the morning of departure. The explorers are inside their homes, waking the way all strangers wake, their arms crooked with the absence they always lived with. Smoke rises down the …