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facebook chatting about politics, flags, and QTPOC

and in the midst of all the typing
her spirit hums to a tune that only can be
called universal

we were chatting about the state of things, like people do. like people do who are familiar what the state of things looks like from the inside and out. we have been both flag bearers & burners, players & opponents, friends & enemies. our skins the uniform, but not dressed for war. we’re not even armed, dammit, but they talking about march up to the front line, citizens, march right up there.  and we’re unpatriotic bitches because we look like we’re hiding in the trenches, hiding behind the frontlines. we just don’t wanna leave the fucking house, man, sir sergeant, sir can you mind your fucking business. we don’t even wanna fight, not like this. and fighting ain’t cool when all the guns are bought up, the enemy got all the exits, and our tactics work none. but we’re supposed to prepare for war & pretend fight. we say fuck the enemy. fuck this bullshit fighting. fighting means don’t give ‘em your money, pay attention to where you buy. they can’t get us all if we all stop doing our taxes. we say fuck the enemy. but we don’t scream it & we do not whisper. choose your battles, we say. the state of things continues, la-de-da.

and in the midst of all the typing
we type words like QTPOC and Baldwin
& feel our energies rise

we were taking off our skins to talk real-talk, woke-talk, hate&love-talk. being naked like for real naked is like making a death baby. the talk of being all-american & shit, the traitor talk, the you’re-giving-up-on-your-legacy speech. tired of talk, we type.  and we type blood letters and bone spaces. we hear the cries of we’re not leaving here because this is our fucking country, too. and we hear that & we feel it, felt it, feel it. we feel unsafe and pressured and manipulated and preyed upon and played with and harassed and death threats, short skirts, guns, pantyhose, gun, black skin, rape, brown skin, rape, guns, heartaches, guns, church, guns, gay, guns, trans, guns, high heels, guns, bathrooms, guns, he, she, it, they, we, us, guns.  that felt and that feel of past and present will become a future. we better wake up, woke up, and will wake up as well as are & were waking up, have & had woken up, would and could and should and might and may and can wake up, too. 

and in the midst of all the typing
her spirit tells mine that we are all connected &
the earth is sad & off its axis




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