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Picasso’s Mask by Andre Malraux

On page 89 I was thinking about Picasso’s collection.
Not one impressionist painting,
not one painting in which light plays any part.
Not even in the admirable Cezanne,
not even in the large Renoir.
I could see in my mind’s eye
the living light of stained-glass windows,
the becalmed light of Van Eyck,
the light of Venice,
the emotionally charged light of Rembrandt,
the flickering, reflected light of the Impressionists.
On page 273 I placed a strand of Asako’s hair
as bookmark,
so as to not lose my place in the dark.


Gerard Malanga is a poet, photographer, and filmmaker, who worked closely with Andy Warhol during the artist’s most creative period in the mid-1960s. His collection No Respect: New and Selected Poems 1964-2000 came out with Black Sparrow is 2001.