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Hamlet Haiku

Hamlet on the Senses

Tell? I would never!
You want to find his body?
I say trust your nose.

— Eva Garcia




Where’s the fishmonger?
Oh! He is eating dinner
in a bed of worms.

— Katie Aldridge



to hamlet from ophelia

flowers of passion
do flourish from my green soul;
love was not enough.

 — Joleen Dacula



man’s sovereignty

on thy eyelashes,
the sighs and moans of ‘morrow:
the universe lies.

 — Joleen Dacula



Who is to believe
claims of an apparition?
Only madness yields.

Hamlet traipses here
and there, damning the soiled soul
of king and uncle.

 — Elizabeth Barbour



These haiku were written by Loyola University New Orleans students in English 205 as part of a critical rewriting exercise on Hamlet (fall 2015).