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Q: Did that horse catch fire in the lake?
A: Define fire.

Q: Did that horse or lake catch fire?
A: Define horse.

Q: Did that horse and lake catch fire simultaneously?
A: Define lake.

Q: Did that fire or lake catch the horse?
A: Define catch.

Q: Did that burned horse really rise from the dead?
A: Define burned.

Q: Did the dead rise from inside that burned horse?
A: Define inside.

Q: Did that horse burn or raise the dead?
A: Define dead.

Q: Did the dead rise and catch fire?
A: Define rise.

Q: Did the lake rise when flooded by the dead?
A: Define flooded.

Q: Did the flood invent the horse?
A: No, the horse invented fire and rose from the lake.


Sherman Alexie is the author of many books of poetry and prose, including Face, a book of poems from Hanging Loose Press and War Dances, a book of short stories from Grove Press.