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The Case of Jane: A Verse Play (selections)



Jane: I want

Therapist: to praise

J: this world.

T: Even the innocent girl

J: who ran across my street

T: in her yellow dress

J: & blue stockings.

T: She was chasing a rabbit

J: which was grey

T: & pleased her.

J: She was in fact

T: perfectly innocent

J: & was hit by a car.

T: You want to praise her little life,

J: so full of everything

T: I’ve forgotten.





Therapist: You fell

Jane: yesterday

T: when they tried

J: to pull me up

T: for no reason, off the ground

J: & into the window.

T: There was a party there.

J: More like people

T: who upon reaching

J: some height

T: struggled for, wish only to come down,

J: disregarding the way the light when viewed from such heights

T: changes slower & is clearer

J: & the battle is over

T: & they forget to die.





J: Persephone’s chorus

T: made to look down

J: & like a demon

T: you’d want

J: to take home

T: to your mother

J: to torture her

T: with greater beauty

J: Persephone

T: was nothing new at all

J: dancing alone

T: on a small hill occasionally

J: admiring the daisies

T: & letting the great criminal

J: touch her.





J: I’m looking for the compassionate

T: guide to the cavern.

J: Who says cavern anymore

T: anyway or tendril?

J: as if nothing specific

T: anymore yet the smell of mint

J: on the pillow.

T: In 1938

J: Ezra Pound found a name

T: for the light on the water

J: but never wrote it down.



M.A. Vizsolyi is the author of The Lamp with Wings: Love Sonnets (Harper Perennial), a National Poetry Series winner. He is also the author of two chapbooks: Notes on Melancholia (Monk Books) and [Untitled] (500places press). He lives in Brooklyn.