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No One

An old man, I have rugs on rugs,
the ones on top to protect the ones below
from my constant pacing. Impatience tugs
me through my house until I go,
how did my wife used to put it? Haywire.
I am always coming to the end
of a knock-knock joke where no one’s there.
No one who?
But who am I kidding? I am not that old.
An agent from Health Insurance came
knocking. He looked at all my rugs and told
me that I would have no one to blame
but myself if I tripped and bashed my head
on the furniture. No one. That’s what he said.



Greg Keeler is the author of several books, including Trash Fish and Epiphany at Goofy’s Gas. He has been writing a sonnet a day for over 15 years.