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The Long March

“I’d cleave you in three” —Mao Zedong



Make a house make a roof make                            a star
a big empty star                in no such night
I can take                           so much black mass

No wind at my side
No wind to carry us across

How an ox carries a child on its back                    yawning



I lead with good faith, without a compass or
a sparrow             to strike dead

the men who stand in our way.
I could will it if I had to                     (the striking)

But of course                        I am a peaceful man
I eat my dinner slowly         I keep a cricket
I believe in small things



A small animal digs a hole in a lettuce field     it lives there in the vegetation
I used a shovel to harvest it     I could hear the animal turning over in its sleep
it moaned a little



{To read more poems in this series, please purchase Issue 39.1.}


Jane Wong received her MFA from the University of Iowa. Her poems have appeared in places such as CutBank, Mid-American Review, Best New Poets 2012, and The Arcadia Project. She is the recipient of fellowships and scholarships from the US Fulbright Program, the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, and the Fine Arts Work Center.