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Thicken and wait

To breaking ice, the lovers carve, to breaking ice the best

device is whisky. It’s up to you to wash it down with

typos. But crashing rocks, crystal chips, bites on the

throat; you’d write a break is a tiny mess by stonehearts.


    Attempt to melt, instead


To melting ice, you doubt, to melting ice the best scheme is

longing. It’s down to you to drink it up with molten.

But sucking heat, magma frost, freezing your taste;

you’d guess a melt of riverveins by cravings boiling.


To evaporate is not to fade



Juan Rengifo-Borrero is the author of the chapbook To create a world, published by New Orleans Review in its 2012 Fall Issue. He lives in New York City.