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Ode to Ignorance

The museum guide says, “This statue is from Delphi.”
and a woman in our group says, “Yes, where they make
the china,” and the guide says, “Actually, you’re thinking
of Delft, not Delphi, which is somewhat to the north—

Survivor Café

Survivor Café

Survivor Café: The Legacy of Trauma and the Labyrinth of Memory, by Elizabeth Rosner. Counterpoint, 2017. $26, 237 pages.

Every generation bears the suffering and guilt of the one before. Poet and novelist Elizabeth Rosner explores this theme from her …

Love Song

Forgive me. I thought I was dead,
your flag draped over my face,

dolls across my lap. I want to leave.
I want to thrash out from under

the swelling crest of the dollar
before its undertow swallows us

like …


that was the year of sixty-page reports
in defense of the soul’s integrity of plans
cc’d to an unseen G-d called dean

that was the year of keening O with anger
O holy rage of meetings in a dusty room…

Prometheus Jones

You can be the hard faced titan in Timberland
boots, a bomber jacket, chained
to a corner of your choosing. You can scope

the city from the shattered windows
of high rises with inviting names:
the Gardens; the Courts; the …

Margarida Vale de Gato

Margarida Vale de Gato

Margarida Vale de Gato is a Portuguese poet, translator, and Fulbright Scholar. Her first book of poetry, Mulher ao mar (Woman Overboard) was published in 2010, followed by Mulher ao mar retorna (Woman Overboard Returns), and Lançamento (either meaning to …