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I wanted to leave.

At fourteen, I had decided that I was tired of blending in with the clean-cut white Mormons in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I decided the perfect place to go was Nairobi, Kenya.  I had voraciously read …

Then What

for M.

Four years after burying the cat she decided to dig it up.
The gardening spade used to plant flowers along the porch,
she would dig with that. Surely the skeleton would tell her
something, but if it didn’t, …

Our first attempt

The first animal to orbit the earth
Was picked from the streets of Moscow
Where it strayed in harshest conditions imaginable.
Yet it is not hard to imagine the animal imprisoned
In a vehicle floating in the freest space we …

Big Windows

Big Windows

Big Windows, by Lauren Moseley. Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2018. $15.95, 72 pages.

Animals—a jackal, a bear, a panther, a bobcat, a coyote—stalk through the poems in Lauren Moseley’s remarkable, unsettling recent collection Big Windows (Carnegie Mellon University Press, …