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from, by Jill Osier. Bull City Press, 2018. 30 pages, hardcover $25, softcover $12.

Jill Osier’s slim new collection from begins to work on us before even we read a word. Against a stark white background, a horse bucks on …


The calls always came just around midnight. We were all asleep so the story was told only from my parents’ memory. A man in a deep, husky voice called several times throughout the night and my father had to get …


The last video he ever watched, because he died a few weeks later, was one he had absolutely no recollection of filming. It was an inclement day, a true Chicago snow. In the front yard, Amber was rolling in the …

Three Back-to-School Stories


White parents, a mom and a stepdad from Bloomington, Minnesota, people who call themselves progressives but vacation every year in Paris, have a problem paying a whole hundred dollars for a list of school supplies generated without transparency.


Madison had warned her.

Nonetheless Parker was now living with Alex, a recent Russian immigrant she’d met during the Q-and-A following an academic presentation of a Russian gangster movie. She was drawn to his old-world manners and his desire for …

Window Zuihitsu

1. Windows! Brothers I never had. Sisters sane, clear, unlike my mad, abusive sister, dead.

2. Eblouissant. French words I like to taste. Etincelle Malgré. I like them all, stippled on the tongue.

3. Always here, windows, even invisible, standing beside me, …


The first time a Medieval castle was built it was done using people.
Or the backs of people.
Who were in love with each other enough.
So they made a city. Using their arms and hands.
To sculpt the torsos …

The Leftovers

The Leftovers

The Leftovers, by Shaelyn Smith. Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2018. 232 pages, $16.

There are tons of reasons to read art criticism: you can learn about culture, formulate arguments, or anxiously over-prepare for a Tinder date with a Dada …