from Leafmold

Whatever this is supposed to be isn’t up to you. Scott Hannula gives you a bone-in venison rump steak and it becomes the centerpiece of one of the best meals you’ve ever cooked: pan-seared and laid on a bed of …

small, fierce things

small, fierce things

small, fierce things, by lj moore. Achiote Press, 2015. $12

While it might be a stretch to call the short stories, vignettes, flash fictions, and drawings in lj moore’s small, fierce things fables, fables nevertheless provide a useful lens …

Lucama Youth

Beth Watson

We helped her as often as we could. We brought leftovers when the foodstamps ran low and we gave her rides when possible. She was the youngest of six, the only girl. She slept on a mattress on …

Speak Gigantular

Speak Gigantular

Speak Gigantular, by Irenosen Okojie. Jacaranda Books, 2016. $11, 201 pages.

It is rare to come across a new book where the story or stories told are familiar, but cast in an genuinely uneasy light—one that unsettles while managing to …

No One

An old man, I have rugs on rugs,
the ones on top to protect the ones below
from my constant pacing. Impatience tugs
me through my house until I go,
how did my wife used to put it? Haywire.
I am always …