Speak Gigantular

Speak Gigantular

Speak Gigantular, by Irenosen Okojie. Jacaranda Books, 2016. $11, 201 pages.

It is rare to come across a new book where the story or stories told are familiar, but cast in an genuinely uneasy light—one that unsettles while managing to …

No One

An old man, I have rugs on rugs,
the ones on top to protect the ones below
from my constant pacing. Impatience tugs
me through my house until I go,
how did my wife used to put it? Haywire.
I am always …


A fawn crossed the road as I began my descent—via bicycle—into the valley; I thought I could see little buds on its head, but I didn’t trust that it was possible for a baby deer to have horns of any …

The Dutch Couple

The wife looks serene
wearing her lead-white mask.
She fakes a pregnancy in doubled green.

Her eyes regard the husband’s palm,
held up as if to silence her
or greet van Eyck, tiny artist

in the mirror’s convex gaze.
Wealth …

Chenoo: A Novel

Chenoo: A Novel

Chenoo: A Novel, by Joseph Bruchac. University of Oklahoma Press, 2016. 224 pages, $17.

The detective novel has always been about the investigation for truth, built upon a narrative that seeks to uncover hidden meanings. Acclaimed Abenaki storyteller Joseph …

Black Magic

Mrs. Bilbo, my first and best teacher, presided over grades one through five at Murphy Adventist School, a two-room A-frame that sat upon a hill, not far from a church whose members worshipped on the seventh day of the week, …

Blood at the Root

Blood at the Root

Blood at the Root, by Lee Meitzen Grue. Alamo Bay Press, 2015. $19, 290 pages.

The New Orleans writer Lee Meitzen Grue is no outsider doing research for a work of fiction, but a local resident whose material has been carefully …