I Was Kelp

I was kelp:
wet velvet
in warm water.
You were one wave
and another.



My Hungarian Mother

She didn’t let the ocean
touch her toes. Too foreign,
she said. I lie back,
I hear the soldiers’

Monday Morning

Elsewhere on the insubstantial
crust of North America,
some dogs are deep
in woeful conversation.

A couple of interns shush each other to listen
and a chill wind seems to blow.

They’ve been smoking in the open door
of the …

The Funeral Party

the honor of your presence
on this August afternoon at the
funeral party
Dwayne Hummel
Stannis Funeral Home

Fourteen-year-old David was now the very last Hummel. He clung to the wall like a snail, …

The Gate


If you’ve ever thought of a child, you are party
to the creation of a child. Digital cymbals
resembling applause alert the stadium crowd
when applause is necessary.


I’ve got burns to prove I’m human, that I am…