Learning to Swim

My mother never learned how to swim. My sisters and I spent our summers in the pool, sometimes with our friends who didn’t need swim caps because the water didn’t curl their hair, and sometimes with our city cousins who …


Again, David Dotson sketches
shark’s teeth on a 40 mm grenade
with a Sharpie—the quick flicks of his hand
ripple the tendon under his elbow,
wrapped in black ink, a tattoo imprinted
in my memory. I laugh every time
he …

Four Reincarnations

Four Reincarnations

Four Reincarnations, by Max Ritvo. Milkweed Editions, 2016. 96 pages, $15.

At just twenty-five, Max Ritvo leaves behind a small but incredibly accomplished body of work in his debut collection, Four Reincarnations. Ritvo fought a long battle with …


During the weeklong first-year orientation activities at the University of Nairobi, freshers are constantly reminded that this university is the best university in Africa, south of the Sahara and north of the Limpopo. This phrase is used to confirm the …