A Wilderness

Why go into it when just knowing that
it’s there without you makes it more itself?
And who are those who don their boots and packs
and make of it an emblem of their freedom?
Is it then less a …

Elinor Lipman

Elinor Lipman was born and grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts, and attended Simmons College. She has published novels and short story and essay collections. Her novel Then She Found Me was made into a movie of the same name, directed …

Mortal Trash

Mortal Trash

Mortal Trash, by Kim Addonizio. Norton, 2016. $26, 107 pages.

Kim Addonizio’s latest collection emphasizes what she writes about best: sex, relationships, and death. But Mortal Trash refines these concepts and their connection to waste or recovery. Whether meditating on …


One mind was the size of an owl, another
the shape of a watch, another didn’t have
the time to think. Though a few of us smother
in water or smoke, even more die in the salve
on a bad conscience. Aphorisms …